flashquake GALLERY

Volume 7 Issue 1
Fall 2007
ISSN: 1546–3540



Featured Artist: John Thompson

Born in the north hills of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, John began his artistic career as a poet and artist in pointillism while attending the University of Pittsburgh in 1986.

John never pursued his interest in photography until his later years. It was then that he produced such awarded works as: "Pithole City Reflections", "Generator House" and "Drifting Clouds."

Being an avid haiku artist, John has spends most of his life observing nature. His photography is inspired by the elements of his surroundings. With an intense desire to "capture the moment" as it appears in its own natural state, he awakes to capture early morning sun rises, dew drops on an orchid, or a herd of miniature horses in a field. John has been photographing landscapes and creative subjects for over 5 years.

John's work has appeared in such publications as: Haiku Zasshi Zo, Photographer's Edge, Inc., Pittsburgh City Paper, The Aurora Review, Pedestal Magazine, The Adirondack Review, Reminisce Magazine, TPQ Online, British Journal of Photography, The Front Porch Magazine, Void Magazine, Dr. Henry Smith's photography book, "Pennsylvania Seasons" and more.

Artist's Statement

John not only wants the viewer to see what he sees, but to also feel what he feels when he presses the shutter release button. He produces pictures of places and subjects that give the audience an opportunity to see an image of something unique. He wants to share that experience as if you were there with him.

Visit John's web site to see more of his work.

fall scene with picnic table in foreground shattered glass in porthole mimics facial features delapidated old building surrounded by scrub
old barn next to a stack of large round hay bales multiple reflections in window glass blue sky and white cloud background for gulls in flight
solarized scene from an airplane window close-up of a lavendar passion flower against bright green foliage tight shot of the center of a sunflower
close-up of a pink flower whose petals are curling at ends